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Jul 012019


undefinedCole Withers is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles who collided with Steve Desterhaft, a lead guitarist from San Diego, in Idyllwild California. Together in 2017, they went to work on songs Cole had written in Los Angeles and the result was THE LAST BOOKSTORE, a collection of ten songs which has been called a “spectacular rock and roll achievement” and “Van Morrison for the 21st Century” by critics in the United States. The combination of Cole's powerful voice and evocative lyrics and Desterhaft's unconventional guitar influences and mathematical precision make for an experience both “haunting and transformational.” 

“Wash Away” announces itself with a powerful American rock n’ roll sound reminiscent of

Bob Seger’s work from the ‘70s. “Mary Queen of Mt. Washington” features an upbeat drive, jangling guitar rhythms with a memorable solo. “Surrender to Win” is a fast driving, soul lifting pop song with deeply imaginative lyrics and an inspirational message. “Rescue Me” accentuates the band's acoustic flavors with warm, bright guitars, soulful backing vocals and a guitar solo that will stay with you long after you hear it. “Eastern Standard” is a “love song to New York City” written by a man who's spent too much time in LA and features a beautiful saxophone part by Paul Carman, who played with Frank Zappa. “As It Is” has hit the FM radio waves in the USA with a driving rock radio sound, powerful vocals, catchy guitar licks and an excellent guitar solo. “Ghost of God” has a swinging beat and taps well into a soulful classic, R&B style and delivers a transformational vocal message. “Love Never Ends” features a great shuffling beat, designed to getting people on the dance floor. Wither’s lyrics get spiritual, as he sings about “swimming in mercy, find I'm human and divine, both at the same time... Love, love never ends... It's the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and the end.” “The Last Bookstore” reveals the storyteller in Cole Withers with lyrics about meeting a girl with a “scarf in her hair and reading Voltaire” inside a bookstore that is the last one to ever exist. “Heartbeat Away” has a “wind-in-your-hair” open road pedal to the metal driving sound. It's a feel good song and anthem to the thrill of the moment before a first kiss.

Quelle: Dennis Weitzel, FBP Music Publishing

Ragdoll Sunday

Jul 012019

undefined Following on from their debut 2018 'Immigrant' EP & it's remix 'Migrant' EP, progressive punk rock band Ragdoll Sunday finally release their debut album 'Puritan' on the 21st June 2019.

A freneticly energetic & furious debut, accurately representing their reknowned stage performances, combining soaring vocals with angular guitars & progressive drums seared with a tribalistic intent, 'Puritan' speaks to the listener about the lives most of us live, so absent in a world largely of empty narcissism.

Singer & lyricist of Ragdoll Sunday Gaetano explains; 'We set out to create a record that fused all of the bands that influenced us, & underpin all of that with lyrics that are the product of truly living, experiencing, failing & again living. Each of these songs was written during an experience or a realisation. I couldn't bring myself to write anything I knew wasn't real, when most of what I see around me today is fake. That said, these songs have been written so that anyone can interpret them or attach them to their own experience, such as the commonalities between people that are so often promoted as different.'

With two we'll received videos being released from the album; the thrilling exuberance of 'Marching Lines' , followed by live favourite "Truth's Hate"


Quelle: Dennis Weitzel, FBP Music Publishing 

Erste CD von Bailey Tomkinson U.K. Singer-/Songwriterin

Aug 202018


Hey Ace ist das Debüt der UK Singer/Songwriterin Bailey Tomkinson. Ihr einzigartiges Storytelling scheint durch alle 5 Songs der EP durch. Eine vielfältige Auswahl an Melodien & Hooks vom sonnengebleichten Country-Pop von "Hey Ace" bis hin zur rohen abgespeckten Piano-Ballade "Will You Save Me?" Die Autobiografischen Texte sind Baileys Markenzeichen und erzählen Geschichten von Herzschmerz zum mitsingen.


Quelle: FBP Music Publishing

Da freuen wir uns aber !!!!

Sep 242017

Ein Post auf Facebook, der uns bannig Freude macht!


Yes, I've been a little silent here for the last few days. I've been working on putting together a special video project for my YouTube Channel. I hope to have it done really soon.
In the meantime I've taken a departure from my normal trip through the inter-webs and I recently found an outstanding on-line radio station. I have a wide taste of music and Rock the Folk has been keeping me entertained for a little while now. Take a look at the playlist I snagged and you can see it's a good mixture of different music.
Check them out for yourself! http://www.rockthefolk.com/


NEUMENTROLL mit Trolltanz

Sep 222017

Harmonisch und mitreißend - 


die neue Formation NEUMENTROLL präsentiert ihr Erstlingswerk "Trolltanz". Jedem Titel auf dieser CD merkt man an, wieviel Herzblut die Musiker und Musikerinnen der Band investiert haben. Äußerst harmonisch wurden in den Titeln die Instrumente aufeinander abgestimmt. Virtuos beherrschen die Musiker: Davul, diverse Percussion-Instrumente, Dudelsack, Hackbrett und Nyckelharpa. Durchgehend werden wir in eine mystische Welt von alten Göttern und mittelalterlicher Prägung entführt. Es stellt sich als schwierig heraus, die Füße stillzuhalten, so mitreißend wirken die einzelnen Stücke. Etwas schade finde ich, dass der Gesang etwas zu kurz kommt, weil teilweise doch sehr schöne Stimmen zu hören sind. Aber was nicht ist, kann ja noch kommen. Ich bin gespannt...

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